Curing Cannabis, How Do You Do It?

What’s up guys! I thought i’d make a little chat learning to Cure Cannabis the proper way. In my grow journey though I have a little bit more time left, I am most worried about the curing process:) Could I just get humidity control packets and toss it in w/ my buds? With that would I still have to burp it?


not bad to worry as it is a point in time that you can very easily destroy all your

hard work :frowning:

I have found over the years that folks will put their buds in jars to wet and the problems

begin at that point

my wife has no concept what the difference between dank and damp

she will put buds in jars and take them in and out, burp burp burp some more

great way to get nice brown weed that is trash

get it dry enough put in the jar and you open the jars a time or two and you are all good

you could they work from what I have seen over the years

I would :slight_smile:

drying bud as with growing weed it can be as hard or as easy as you make it

all the best and be safe



I wouldn’t put humidity packs in with the bud until it’s ready for a cure dried and can stay in jars or bags and not be worried about. If u drop them in too soon it will dry out the buds a little faster than u really want to do. I have horrible drying conditions here so I can give u my way of doing it to preserve it from drying too fast I hang the plant in as big of pieces as I can get them and still fit them in a bucket to wash bending branches is fine at this point as it’s chopped down. Lol. I soak the buds in 3 bucket wash system and hang dry above tub with a fan blowing on them til the bottom bud at the very bottom don’t feel like it has a drip on it. Then I take to my bedroom where it is coolest and dark3st area and hang there until I squeeze a bud medium sized is what I shoot for between the biggest and smallest. If it feels dry outside and almost dry like to the point I’d be able to break it up and smoke it I snip all buds off the branches and jar them cap it and leave it til next day. Every day for a week or so til I see the jars are holding about a 62% without going mu h over I start my cure time but until then daily I dump buds on a tray and keave them 15 mins jar back up and clise it. Do this daily til it holds rh where u want them then u can put packs in and once or so every couple days open bag for a few mins to let air exchange happen let old out new in this way ur not trapping all the chlorophyll smells and all in the bag. Either Mason jars or if alot of bud u can use 5 gal buckets with gamma lids so it seals good. If u do the 5 gal with lots of buds u can hook up a system with pressure valves and air pump and tube where it will auto burp the buckets for u let so much air in and as it fills the check valve will open to let old gasses and air out of the bucket. There is videos on YouTube about making the setup and the guy looks like he grows some killer ass weed lol. In like alot also like 40 something buckets or so of buds curing I bet. Here is the video of u wanna check it out. Seems simple and cheap also. Hell if u grow for a while u prolly have most stuff there to make a single bucket setup. Lol.


@effnercollins Here’s how I do it: Once dried and trimmed I use 64 ounce Ball Wide Mouth mason jars with 62% humidity Boveda packs. I inspect them and give them a gentle shake every morning to just move them around and I do that for the first week or so and then I go to every few days. The flower seems to mellow out a lot at around 4 weeks but 6 weeks is my target before I put it in rotation. Its’ pretty straightforward and the product has far more character and flavor than anything I can get at a dispensary.

I encourage you to experiment and pick one of your containers for sampling as it cures and you can see how it evolves over time.


so if I said I put the trimmed bud into foil lasagna pans put 20 or whatever I can fit in my car

on a sunny day, get it to the dryness I want and put pounds in zip lock bags in the

freezer :wink:


@dequilo That’s the reason we love you so much around here :wink:


Humidity packets are just keeping humidity at some level but if you put them in a jar so early, they wont help with mold at all. I started to use terplock bag and It is way easier and safer than jar in my experience. Since you dry them enough and put it in a terplock, they are really doing all the business for you. They keep humidity just at the needed level so you dont need to worry about if they will get dry or if they will get molded etc. You only need to worry about if you dried them enough before putting in the bag, then you don’t need to do anything at all.
And for jar, if you are not so experienced, after putting them in jar or in a bag, check it daily if they are sticking to each other a lot. Because when they stick to each other and don’t have enough air and high humidity inside, they will get molded so quickly and it is the saddest thing actually :slight_smile:

And one of the thing I find very useful is, when I notice that some of the buds are too dry and some of them are humid, I mix them in the jar and it equalize the humidity for both. And when I notice I dried them a lot, I pack them with oil papers and put in a jar like a big candies, it help to balance humidity as well.

I hope you find it helpfull because I had many many molded buds before, so please have an eye on them in the beginning if you are not sure what you are doing. :slight_smile:


@delizirvasi Exactly. That’s why your harvest needs to be properly dried BEFORE you put it in the jar with a humidity pack. If you are putting wet product into a sealed container it means you skipped the step that really matters. Sealing undried product in a jar with a humidity pack is a great way to grow some cheese.


@alicek .
This is very important for you to know .
Wishing you the very best with your grow.