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Curious about THCV?

Here at Rev Genomics, we have created two high content THCV strains that we are currently licensing to partner farms to augment their 2019 cultivation plans and product offerings.

Are you thinking of incorporating THCV into your 2019 grow?


Do you have growth characteristics of the new hybrid?

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Hey Ethan -

One of the strains is more sativa dominant and tops out at 62". The other strain is more indica leaning and tops out at 37". Both are great yielders when you compare them to other THCV strains out there. And both of our strains finish between 8-9 weeks unlike the 13-14weeks of other THCV strains.

How much canopy square footage are you managing in your 2019 grow?


More detail do you have pictures of mature plants.

From the voices in my head

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