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Curled leaves. Help!


My leaves are curling down and turning brown.

I have 6 plants blooming (GDP, and Blue Dreams). They are in pure coco. I’m using advanced nutrients. PH is at 6.3. Using tap water. Here are some photos.

Please let me know what I should do.


I think your feeding to heavily. But I’m also concerned about the glossy look of your leaves. Sometimes this is caused by pests like spider mites. I would flush them with clean pH’d water, you can google the how to on flushing. After you’ve flushed feed them with 1/4-1/2 the prior strength. Look at the leaves very closely top and bottom. If you see anything that moves or if there is webbing where the leaves meet the leaf stem you have pests. You will then need to identify them and make a plan for eradication. I suspect you have spider mites. In addition the nutrient toxicity.

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Nitrogen toxicity flush with ph’ed water and reduce the nutrients. Old growth will not change, but new growth should look more normal after this.


Looks like nitrogen toxicity! Flush and back off nutrients a bit. When you feed you want just the tips of the leaves to turn. Basically like it’s nails are painted. When you get burnt tips back off just a bit and watch her.


I would flush with water pH at 5.8 to 5.9 since in Coco. 2 /3… and do 6.1 to 6.0 with half strength nuitrients. You may wanna slow down on the urea nitrogen nutrients. If using any. After awhile of sitting it can raise the pH in your medium drastically. because of its ammonia darkside not alot of growers are aware of. Which would cause such a burn and nutrient uptake and lockout. Just what I think just off seeing the pics and noticing your pH.

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Even though I haven’t grown in a while, I do remember a time I had spider mites, I had red dots all over the leaves, I don’t see this here, but, always do close inspections, I imagine not having red dots can also happen, I myself, will find out soon :wink:

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How close are your plants to the lights? What is the temp?

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Or Russet/broad mites. You’ll need a scope to find them and they can be very difficult to spot.

@ddavis408, do you know the runoff pH and ppm?


That’s what I was thinking


So what ended up happening

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Never heard in the end as far as I can remember

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When i diagnose problems the first thing for me is the environment , especially how cold it gets during the night ( you can see all kind of colors and curling when they feel cold depends from strain ) , and any changing in lighting or expose on natural light and etc .

Second spraying , people are not even aware how much of the marginal/top burnings and discoloration comes from pesticide , the signs appear gradually , sometimes takes 2 week or so .

And third infestations .

Spider mites , cant do damage as that, they cant curl leaves ( only when there is web , but once you clean the web the leave is normal ) , i have seen the worst infestations when its about spider mites , they are very common in my area , even making web all over the plant , once the plant is clean from webbing , leaves shape looks normal , with the typical bronzening . Most of the pic on internet about spider mites are due to some other plant problems.

Russet mites are the dangerous guys , but you will know if you have them for sure , they will twist your tops at the start of the infestation , you cant misdiagnose russet plants , they will tell u .

Broad mites i have never seen them what they do , so i cant say from experience , but i heard they are ugly too .

The rest things like PH , nutes and etc . you really need to be way off to see signs ! Thats the last i will look for . To me it looks you are missing something very important , you have dones some big change , when the tops are affected it tells you it is serious .