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Indoor: Here’s my setup for indoor growing this year (June 2023) All have their own exhaust systems (AC Infinity in six, VivoSun in seventh) ducted to the outside. They regulate temp and humidity range. All have a humidifier , as we are in the desert and it is necessary for good VPD. NONE have been pinched, topped or fimmed, all bending and @TheMadFlascher’s BudBusterPro

Blueberry and GodRuntz are all clones from ongoing plants from multiple growings, but, originally from seed started here. All the rest are from seed.

Tents 4, 4A, 4B, 4C, 3

2 Tent

Office Tent

Indoor Plants:
4 Tent - two of @PreyBird1’s genetics , one a PBF Special, the other White Caviar F3 x Runtz (left side/right side)

4A Tent Super Silver Haze - heavily defoliated 36 hours ago, Flower Day 2

4B Tent Gelato - heavily defoliated 36 hours ago, Flower Day 2

4C Tent Bugatti x OG, Sour Lemon Tangie x Blueberry, White Widow

3 Tent Runtz x Slapz #4, serendipitous seeds from my first testers (MonkeySlapz)

2 Tent Sour Diesel

Office Tent Blueberry and GodRuntz

Outdoor Plants GodRuntz & Blueberry



forgot to add, latest batch of wine is cruising along! (been making wine eight years)

Black Cherry and two grapefruit.


Yes Please!


Chris, you just consistently kill it my man !
Should have a sign up near the entrance…‘Welcome to tent city’

Really looking forward to following your outdoor grow this year !! Not sure how many growers can actually appreciate outdoor summer grows in southern Arizona desert !


Just a few things going on. Wow. They all look great


Looking great. Hey @wow_arizona the strainly site sucks and i couldnt get my bit coin wallet working on there site. So im off thursday well figure out what to send ya then.


I can help you set something up wherever people take orders at your website and you just fill them yourself.

I can give you some hosting space. So far, the people who are running my virtual private server have had no comments at all about my cannabis content. I have actually inquired to them on some technical CSS questions that are beyond my ability and they have given me the code I needed without a single comment about the type of website on which it was being used.


Wow brother, they look great! …I thought I was the only one round here other than Preybird running 7 or more tents at a time! Lol. The wine looks great too man! I’ve been thinking about trying out making some myself, and possibly some whiskey as well. …but I gotta wait until I get my new hobby of growing mushrooms down pat first, lol.
Keep up the great work bro, it looks killer!


I messed around a bit for a few hours, built thesis pages. No menus or headers/footers and the shop pages are stock. I used item from a couple different templates and put this together. I put my photos in there, but you would replace all with what ever you like.

The “shop Now” link on the top of the first page works, and, I added “products” and they cane added to the cart or viewed, too. We could get your PayPal account linked, I could build a whole page and you could just put a forward on the page you have now.


Looking great @wow_arizona , the wine looks good too.

We could get your PayPal account linked,

Be careful of adding a paypal page. I am almost certain that the account will be suspended due to paypals policy. They did this to me several years ago and it becomes a real pain to get an approved account again.


Thats pretty cool. Were going to have to talk about this some more. I tried using word press but i was to confused on how it works and it mad me frustrated.


All while Elon Musk just smokes weed…


Homemade wine is my favorite homemade beverage. Love it , had a buddy I worked with over 30 years ago and his dad would make three 50 drums at a time and he called it brandy but it wasn’t. He would cook it off three times and sell it for 8 dollars a quart but one quart would black me out . I know it’s strange to say I like the black out stage but I drank it every chance I got . Back in the 80’s 8 dollars a quart was high but he would sell out so fast. Miss those days.