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Daily Cannabis use on the rise


I wonder how much of this trend is people just being more open about how often they consume, rather than a rise in actual daily users? As my stats prof always told me, surveys are the worst form of data collection.


It might also be a symptom of something deeper too. Alcohol use increases in times of recession, for example.


So , am I reading this chart correctly? Is this showing that only 6.6% of people have a drink at least 300 days a year? I don’t believe that number at all.


Ironically it could be that being a daily drinker is a bigger stigma than being a daily cannabis smoker. I’m still suspicious of anything that uses self-reporting survey data.


No, no, you’re misreading the chart. See the title at the top?

“Percent consuming their respective drugs at least 300 days out of the year.”

AKA the bingers or daily consumers. As a result, that chart is going to be skewed because the majority “alcohol users” are normal joe blows who aren’t going to drink regularly. Because cannabis is more of a niche drug, a larger proportion of its users are going to consume every day.