Dakine 420 Freaks

Week 2 freakshow
3 gallon plastic
T5 8bulb veg
72° 87rh
Oscillating fan
Open room
Dakine 420 coco coir lite
Dakine 420 nitro nutrients

So this stuff (if your waters close) ph’s perfect. It did.



Love it cooooooool I have to get focused so I’m going to take my clinical course of today is 30.mg of peeness Envoy for seizure meds, and not 600?g of Tegretol

I don’t know how to reply to that Bryan… lol. Congrats?

I kid. I kid. I hope this is a good thing?


100% Great did you do the National 420 VOTE. You are good.


Nice choice of nutes’s @Slym3r! Dakine420 is all I ever used before I switched over to hydro. I’m a big fan and advocate of Dakine420 because they’re a local company here in Oregon. Plus they’re nutrients just kick some serious ass!!

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