Damage or Burnt Fan leafs During Veg

Hey guys, just looking to discuss fan leafs and the unavoidable mishaps. Can you or would you or should you ? Remove fan leafs (shoots) if the become damaged? I’m aware of the many ways and reasons fan leafs get damaged but I’m looking to here opinions about removing shoots or damaged growth…

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The leaves I remove the most of…damaged or not…is the ones that point towards the middle of the plant. I usually have a pretty heavy defol a week or so before I flip to flower to give the plants recovery time and once more once the stretch is over.

Removing leaves due to damage is up to the grower. But for watching to see if you corrected a deficiency, I like to leave them on. That way I can see if I fixed the problem.

And even though you might know this already I’ll say it anyways…a damaged leaf will never repair itself…whether its color, holes, wind burns…whatever happens to the leaf is there to stay.


That depends on what is causing the damage and how severe it is, if you’re growing autos/photos, and what stage your plant is in.

Definitely always remove leaves infected by something like a virus. Remove dead leaves. Keep leaves with minor nute burn or similar issues, because while they won’t necessarily recover, as long as they still function as solar panels with working stomata, they’re still valuable to your plant.


Agree generally with the others. However some scientists say the plant knows what is best (besides infestations). I personally pull all dead debris off and get rid of it unless it’s a true biologic, no till situation. The last few years, I learned the technique of totally stripping off all fan leaves, besides the “claws”, a couple days into flipping and then again on day 20. Please do not attempt this without really knowing well your cultivar and terroir as well as your micro nutes, levels, especially molybdenum. But with the right cultivar and a good steady co2 injected environment, you can literally pull 4+ per 5×5 for you or your patients. Good luck.