Dan’s Electric Sky 300 V2

Hey, great day. Anyone looking for a really good grow light? My favorite by a long shot— The Electric Sky 300 V2. Expensive but I’ll be buying two more in a couple of weeks— liked it that much.

I bought two of these lights from the Green Sunshine Company for one of my 4 x 4 flowering tents. If anyone knows of a better light, congratulations. The Electric Sky is in my opinion (and experience with just two grows under it), PERFECT— if that’s even possible. Seriously, these two lights are expensive but most likely the best purchase I’ve made in all my growing equipment. I’m not getting kickbacks, not affiliated with Dan and his Green Sunshine Company in any way other than a really satisfied customer. Just sharing with hopes that if anyone else is looking for a really good light, I am able to payback with good info for them the way many have paid it forward with good info for me.

I’m still fairly new to this site (I hope my info on the Electric Sky 300 V2 does not violate any policy), I’m not advertising or promoting it, I’m just saying it worked better than expected for me. I really appreciate the time members have taken to share their growing knowledge and experiences. Pretty freaking awesome. Good looking out, great information, thanks for your ideas, suggestions, and the valuable feedback you share. Even though I’m sure you don’t hear it enough, your input is appreciated (a special thanks to Preybird1 for sharing his experience, which has been a blessing to me). I wish I had more time to visit; unfortunately, I’ve got clients in jails and prisons depending on me to find the loophole that’ll spring ‘em. That requires lots of reading— and a good creative high…

Off to chill with my significant other and some of this really good Pink Runtz I’m currently dipping into during its final flush. Some really good stuff— Perfect for creative legal writing. Seriously, judges compliment my legal writing all the time. I should start letting them know it got better because of my medical marijuana license :wink:

Here’s a Pic of one on my crowded grow tents I’m getting ready to empty out. Best wishes to all and Happy Growing.

The Paralegal That Rides


Looking dank great. Always good to know the reasons why your grow looks so good, must only be the lights, not the love and dedication you show to your girls. I am trying to think of the US judge who retired and has converted to marijuana, started his own business. I was a little sick thinking how many guys he put away over his career for a joint or two, the families he wrecked and now he is making money from it. Bloody shark. Sorry going off topic, well while I am shifting gears, just a shout out to all bikers, the bad and ugly. I have a whole new respect for bikers after a huge rally was hosted nationally in south africa over the weekend to bring attention to farm murders in South Africa. I almost ran outside when I heard the rumbling for about an hour and wanted to hand out free joints.

Sorry about that, back to your grow, looks magnificent. The bottom picture, that can flower for alot longer.


You are correct. That picture was a from a couple of days back. She’s in her final flush stage now— just at 9 weeks. Looking to start my drying and curing process later this week.
Thanks, ever in South Florida, look me up: The Paralegal That Rides. I’ll show you around the good parts of South Beach.
Stay safe


I am saving bucks, I was last in the US of A around 1998 in South Florida. Its a wonderful state, where the sun shines. I seriously want to rent a bike or SUV and go across, just once in this life. Have loads of expats/mates who have emigrated from here there and more than likely never returning to South Africa. But yeah was chatting to @Ladithief about a meetup oneday. I will take you up on your offer, would love to see some good spots, talk bikes and of course smoke some dope.

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Same thing @chrisj… ever come to southern Ontario… in fact anyone from the forum makes it here… we can dab and I or the wife will make dinner for you and it just might involve infused ingredients…