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DC breeder

Hey all, new to this site but not to growing. Started when the DC passed the law about 4-5 years ago, however, I’ve only been breeding for about 2 - 2 1/2 years. I’ve created many strains and entered a few competitions, I’m told I produce some great bud. To my point, I’m not in contact with any growers local to me and would love to trade or even give seeds away under the condition that I get a clone of any phenotype that catches your attention so I can stabilize genetics. I’d be willing to deal with out of state growers as well, look forward to meeting/speaking with some fellow growers on here.


Sounds like an awesome project! I hope you find some locals who can help you out. I’ve had the best luck chatting with the people at my local hydro store. They sometimes hold meets (no 4/20 meet this year! It sucks!) and the employees know who might be good people to get in touch with if you ask them who might be interested in helping to you with a breeding project. There might be some small clubs that would be excited to grow out some local seeds. My local growers are most interested in fem autos right now.


Thank man, me too! I’ve been to local grow spots and they don’t have much in the way of info for me. Everyone here seems to keep it right as if it’s still not legal. Maybe old habits die hard but I won’t give up my search for other enthusiastic growers. Thanks for the warm welcome, much appreciated!