Dealing With Law Enforcement

Been on the legal side of things for a little while now and it feels great. Yet here I am sitting in front of the county jail with anxiety like a mother fucker. Want to visit someone very close to me but it’s way harder than I expected suddenly. Anyone else have similar experiences or advice?


i worked for a guy big into cannabis activism… to put it lightly, he was outspoken. he was raided and arrested on multiple seperate occasions, and me being a nice guy, was a go-between for the grow op/ his wife and kids, and himself. it wasn’t fun, but everything i did was legal, i was a card carrying patient with legal access to work on the plants. it wasn’t fun, but i burned down heavily before and after stepping foot in the cop shop. that was years ago, my “boss” is 2 yrs into a 6 yr bid in another county, basically related to cannabis but to be honest… he was hard to work for. there’s always gonna be some anxiety, like having a cop behind you even when you’re rolling clean as the young folk say. i get that still, and i’ve had a clean act for years now. just dot your “t’s” and cross your eyes. make sure you’re clean n legal before ya go. then eff em. eff em all. :slight_smile:


You just take that first step. Go visit them, dont let your anxiety get the better of you.


I did the visit. Wasn’t going to let my anxiety stop me. Did end up yelling at a cop though. They have these stupid kiosks where you schedule your visit. It wasn’t working properly so I asked a cop for assistance and he was not helpful in any way. Told me to get time off work and come back Mon-Fri. Seriously? Way to serve your community…


I HATE law enforcement! I spent days searching for a f**k the police sign to put in my yard without luck.
Phew now that’s out of the way.

There are absolutely good and bad cops. I label most as kids that became officers to prove some kind of point or payback some hurt ass feelings they received. My sons step dad is a lieutenant locally in the force, and shows me constantly what a good officer can be, and how a police force should treat the citizens they work for.

So while it can cause anxiety, and a lot of them are just shit. There are also a lot of good ones that stand for our rights, and aren’t “out to get us”

You’re just visiting, you get to leave, light up a joint and enjoy the rest of your day. That’s the important part!


I know they are just people doing a job. Have nothing but respect for anyone in public service. First responders and veterans especially. The county and state officers just always seem to have a stick up their ass. Town cops are always way more chill.


Those guards aren’t cops. They are babysitters with napoleon complexes. The cops typically don’t provoke those they know might snap.


truth. cops de-escalate. turn-keys will goat the hell outta you.
i should say most cops…


no cops or good. need to avoid them @ all cost and avoid all truck stop too from my experiance under cover cops use truck stop as a look out point to get an easy arrest


So how did it go? You visit your friend?

An interesting story I have is:

About 3 years ago a bill was proposed in South Africa to decriminalize cannabis. In the subsequent weeks a man was arrested and given 6/7 years for 498 kilos of cannabis found on his property. The leader of our local cannabis political party ( ) called me and said I am on my way, and staying with you, we getting him out of jail. So he travelled the 1000 odd kilos to me on bus, had about 3 lever arch files with paperwork.

The following day we off to the prison as he had set a meeting with the head of the prison, the main man. There was me, thinking ah I would just be a host for an activist, ah I would just be giving him a lift 50km to the prison, then there was me, sitting in an the private office of the warden, governer stoned talking about how its against human rights to incarcerate a man for half a ton of cannabis. I was debating my life at that moment.

The followup to the story is the man who was sentenced for cannabis only served 2 years and was released on parol. I actually saw him yesterday, working for the same company he started with a about 1 year ago. Big smile on his face, free at last.

Here is a picture of the two of us having a barbeque a couple days after he was released. Cheers to a good life, freedom and growing buds.


That’s a great story man. Love hearing about people fighting against cannabis prohibition. My visit went ok I guess. Yelled at a guard because they wouldn’t let me do my visit. Friend is out now though so all is well that ends well.