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Decarb bubble hash question

I have just made a nice batch of bubble hash using shake and popcorn. Turned out good. I am wo seeing if I should use decarbed week next time. Any thoughts on making bubble hash with decarbed weed?

The main reason I’m asking is in the instructions to make the bubble hash, it suggests to use certain mesh sizes for edibles but won’t that be useless as edibles if it’s not decarbed?



I decarb hash just before using it for edibles. I usually dry and cure it before use.


Hi @bgjazz , good to see you back. Yeah decarb the hash before you use it in edibles, so see a problem why you could not do it before making hash either. What sizes are used for edibles, I use all of my bubble hash!

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I bought from bubblebagd*de…I have 5 bags (220,160,120,73 and 25)…he has a video on his website and suggests that the 220 and 25 for edibles. Not exactly sure why. First time I’ve done this.

I have a whole whack of decarbed weed that I was saving to make edibles but I ate too much last time and now it turns my stomach (damn) so I will just make hash.

I just wasn’t sure if the trichomes would separate the same using decarbed weed. I plan to try it just as a comparison. I used about 5-6 oz of popcorn and sugar leaf and ended up with 1 oz of hash(4 grades). I have almost the same amount of decarbed weed so it will make a good comparison.

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Sorry not the 220 and 25 for edibles (220 is waste)…it was the 160 and 25 bags

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