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Deep Water Hydro with Scrog

Is it chance that my old closet operation equipment is returned to me after 5 years after lending it to a friend while I simultaneously begin a new career in the cannabis industry (for Growers Network)? I think not! If anyone has any tricks up their sleeves on Deep Water Hydro and/or Scrogging, leave below!


We’re working on implementing a grow journal system for GN as well, would love to see growers document out some growing on here!


@Hygrozyme any tips for @alex_m ?

@mastergrowers any hydroponic experts out there? My first and only hydro experience resulted in what I can only describe as “awful, terrible, nearly horror-movie like” pythium. Water temps in my reservoir got way too hot (the pump I had crapped out and was pumping HOT, HOT air into the water :rofl: It was horrible. Learned a lot. Learned that H202 can cause a chemical burn on your skin too in concentrated form (whooooopsie, didn’t read the label!)


Hey @alex_m!

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