Hydroponics Definition - A Simple Guide to Hydroponic Growing

As we start the new year, let’s take a step back and revisit some basics…

What is Hydroponics?
Hydroponics is a method of growing plants with the use of nutrient solution instead of traditional soil.

Why Grow Hydroponically?
:unlock:The main benefit of growing hydroponically is bigger and higher yields.

When growing in traditional soil, plants use a significant amount of energy to grow an extensive root structure to find and extract nutrients from the soil. In a hydroponic system, plants can focus its energy on maximizing yield instead of root structures because the water, oxygen, and nutrients are readily available. Typically, hydroponic plants have smaller roots, which allow for more plants in the same amount of space.

:unlock:Hydroponic growing allows a clean and controlled environment.

A hydroponic system gives full control of what plants consume, how much of it and at what time and frequency. Factors such as pH levels can be easily adjusted and manipulated. Eliminating the use of soil in growing also creates a cleaner environment which reduces the risk of pests and diseases that thrive in soil environments.

:unlock:There is no seasonality in hydroponic growing.

Since hydroponic growing is typically done indoors, growers can maintain plants all year round instead of being limited to specific seasons each year.

What Are the Disadvantage of Hydroponic Growing?
:unlock:The greatest disadvantages of hydroponic growing are the costs and time associated with it.

Hydroponic growing is expensive to set up and maintain, especially if it’s a large automated system. Once the system is set up, it needs to be constantly monitored to ensure that the plants are growing in the most optimal conditions.

:unlock:Hydroponic growing can be risky.

If anything within the system fails to provide the necessary supply of water, oxygen, and nutrients, plants will suffer almost immediately. A hydroponic system does not have the ability to store water, nutrients, and oxygen like traditional soil can.

What Are the Different Methods of Hydroponic Growing?
There are many different methods available to grow hydroponically, such as:




Which system did you choose, and why?


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Looking for recommendations for a 30-48 plant drip system. Looking at FloraFlex. 6" or 8" FloraPots and caps. Having a hard time deciding if I want to go rockwool or coco.

This is part of our testing an indoor hydro grow. We have been doing greenhouse permaculture for over 3 years


I have seen this product used quite successfully in hydroponics.



Any little giant submercable pump. :slight_smile:

Plus drip Irangaters.

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