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Deficiency? Excess? pH? First time growing in coco and I'm finding it harder than soil

Argh! I’ve changed so many things at once and now I’m kicking myself…

First the changes, then the issues…

Got a new lighting setup from Pacific Light Concepts. This is the only change I’m feeling good about. I built an 8 strip array and I love it!

I’m growing two, new to me strains - Big Bud & Gold Leaf from ILGM.

The last change is the one I’m most uncomfortable with… Growing in Coco in stead of ProMix.

I buffered the Coco in CalMag per “M.J. Coco” and have been following his feed chart/pH/PPM recommendations. As you can see I’m have nutrient issues. I’m thinking it’s either Magnesium or Nitrogen. The leaves are all pale with dark veining. Yesterday I returned to the nutrient schedule (GenHydro recommended chart) I used in soil. I set it up to 620 (PPM)/1270 (EC)/5.7 (pH). Checked about an hour after watering and the girls were looking a much healthier green. I read the run-off at 550 (PPM) with a pH of 6.8. I assumed the pH change was because of the Coco holding on to the nutrients, but was surprised at the how high of a jump it was. I haven’t read my run-off in the past.

So I’m now confused about what to do next. I figured the new light would make for hungry plants, but I didn’t think they would be starving…

So I’m hoping these pic are enough for figuring out if they need more Mg or N.

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To me looks like nitro def and a bit of over watering? Leaves look really fat…

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hmm… hadn’t thought about over watering. I’m watering/feeding at about 1500mL about every 3 to 4 days. The inter-nodal spacing is insane, super tight. And that’s at about half power on the light.

I’m going to up the N next water/feed and see where I head from there. Only three weeks in from the sprouting, so I’ve got time before the flip.

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I assume your light is a LED(full spectrum) and coco with this combination you should add CalMag to your nutrient and make sure the intensity of your light is not too hjgh(400-600 ppfd) for veg.

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Thanks! I’ll check the PPFD. I already have Cal/Mag in the mix and I buffered the coco with it before starting. I know you can increase the Mg with Epsom salts, but I haven’t found how the suspend it at what strength before adding it to the water/feed.

This light is really bright at half power and it’s over two feet above the tops of the plants. If I have to turn it down now, I can’t wait to see how it does during flower.

I don’t have enough experience to answer your question but I have these charts! Hope they help!!

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I grow in Promix/Perlite similar to Coco, I use CalMag every feeding until Flushing with no issues, I also got a new light(MarsHydro TSw2000) a while back to replace Burble light my plants were similar to yours maybe a bit smaller, new light was 24" above canopy at full intensity, I bleach my plants too much light around 900 ppfd , but the good news my new light is stronger, the only change to my grow was my light.

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These are a great reference! Thanks for sending them along!

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All the grows I’ve done until now have been in ProMix. And, honestly, I wish I hadn’t changed that aspect of my grow routine. Too many changes to workout. I stopped growing for the summer because of the humidity. Now I’m feeling a little rusty. I might go back to ProMix after this run.