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Defol in flower a big no no

I’ve been reading some posts. And the topic of defoliation always comes up. Here is my approach take it or leave it IDC its just based of my experience.
In veg defoliation is fine. Always remove inward facing fans leaves. And the red stemmed leaves. You are going to want to give your plant a min of four week to recover before flip.
When you are in flower do not remove any fan leaves unless its blocking a node. Even then I suggest tucking or tieing them up. The fan leaves won’t be replaced in flower. You cut those leaves you add stress and take away the power source for that bud node. The plant then has to reroute energy to that node. Thus lowering yeild.
Some people will say its fine to defol when ever. So I will tell you do a side by side. Follow my instruction to the letter. And defol the other while its in flower.

Tell me which one yields more. I already know the answer. Since no one seems to like my advice or have ever done these tests. Its up to you to decied. Buy a book on how the plants system works educate yourself. And you will know first hand. I suggest many books. And offer only my opinion from experience. You.don’t have to like my opinion. But I’m hardly ever wrong. Especially in cannabis


Have you found worse quality in seed production from defoliating in flower?

The fan leaves are the power source. Whether its buds or seeds. Take away those leaves no power to produce what you’re after. And it also slows down production. Its lose lose.