Defoliation - when to

how offen to you defoliate ?
Generally defoilation in the 4th week of veg (heavy)(8 leaves +) then a few days before the 121/12 flip (do this for light to bud sites) and the last 4th week of flower (Heavy)------------- also can take a leave or so during grow that blocks bud sites – defoliated =take only fan leaves NO sugar leaves !!!


I try and limit to two big defoliations. I do the first one early on before they start flowering outdoors, take everything off from the soil to about knee high. And then I do one last one mid/late flower.


When I get to about 8 to 12 sets of branches, I defoliate about every week to a week and a half, depending on the vigor of my plants, they get so thick with leaves they need it. Rule of thumb is do it they need it and don’t if they don’t. Some Sativa’s are so sparce on leaves they don’t need it. I mostly grow Indica or a mix of Indica and Sativa, which most really good pot is these days.



thanks ___ “8-12 sets of branches” thats even better than a time-ed evey4 weeks - your way takes into account different stains dominatindica/sativa strain make-up