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Deformed branches

Ok I’m going to try again couldn’t get it to post the first time. My problem is that on one plant in like three places the stem/ stalk is swelling up about 3 times it’s norman size about a inch or inch and a half long. I’ll try to add pictures. But I was hoping that someone might know what it is.this is my first post but I wanted to thank everyone for the tons of information you give out I’ve learned so much from just reading everything so thanks again hope everyone has a great weekend

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Share a pic so we have and idea what you’re talking about but it may be safe to say you’re dealing with a mutation and there’s nothing you can do about that. As long as your grow isn’t hindered by whatever going on, it should be fine.

Thanks alot no the grow is going pretty good for a beginner I’ll try again to post a picture it wouldn’t let me upload before![1600970665807|186x248](uplo

d://x9qDFr8jZ87GxvOVsHqPbut5Elq.jpeg) 1600970666178

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You have to wait for the pic to fully load.
It’ll show 100% in lower left corner and a check mark when done.
The top in that pic is blurry but doesn’t look quite right. Can you get some clearer pics ?


That looks funky. Looks like it or something is killing off your new growth?


Kinda looks like stem rot. Are you re vegging? If you can try to transplant into a different pot but inspect your soil for a fungus or root rot.

What stage is it in? Do you have a picture of the whole plant not just the branch that’s dying?


1600928390798 1600928381164

These pictures are a couple week ago it looks alot better in person

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Should I cut those places off of my plant?