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Desirability of new strains

How do other growers feel about growing strains that are not well known. Are the dispensaries you sell to interested in strains that no one but you have ever heard of? This is an honest question because we have had mixed results with dispensaries and the strains they want to buy.


Great question, I’m interested in reading the responses.

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Personally I am interested in labs. I would think if you are going to grow strains that are unknown (for the masses) then you will have to spend time on education to make this work. However, this is the future of the industry.

Work hard now and survive or take the easy way out and make money now and go out of business when you can’t compete with others’ genetics.

We grew out 200+ crosses to narrow our cultivar down to one single cultivar. Our prices are higher due to this, but our customers know they are getting the best products possible.

I hope this is of some help.


I agree with 4corners. You can put in the work now to create a trend with unknown genetics to hold a place in the market as it gets more competitive or you can play it safe and feed the masses well known genetics that already have a built in demand in the marketplace. I think it really comes down to the mission statement of the business. Do you try to Grow the best Blue Dream out there or test your luck at creating the next golden ticket that everyone will be talking about? There will always be trends to follow, however as the market matures I think it will be imperative to have unique and exclusive genetics in your stable. California continues to set the trends in terms of genetics and once the strain get attention at the national level it seems to fade rather quickly in the California market. The latest example was GG4. For a time you could not grow enough of it to meet demand and within 6 months time it was hard to sell due to the fact everyone got their hand on the cut and flooded the market with it. Noteable others from the past would be GDP, OG, SD, BD, Cookies etc. all of those strains were at the top of the hill at one point, but took a dive from too much production. However, over time they have made a comeback to hold their place in the market because they are all great strains. I think the real lesson here is if you want to stand out and command a higher price focus on setting trends, not following them and be ever vigilant to not let those golden tickets slip out the back door of your facility. Quality over quantity all day.


If you have something specific in mind that you want to breed for, learn how and go for it. Otherwise, find stuff you or your clientele love and learn what epigenetic factors let you sculpt it best.

Thanks for the great replies everyone. One more question though. What is your experience in the THC variation of the same strain. We have had huge variation according to the test lab. We get anywhere from 23% to 13% for clones from the same mother plant. I am assuming that it is a function of the lab and not the plant. The reason for my assumption is based on other reports I have seen, this same variation exists for tests from the same cola. The MyDx white paper is the best example.

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I don’t have time to read this now. What does it talk about?

I’m assuming it has something to do with labs being inconsistent.

Being in the hemp vector, we have to deal with being below .3% THC. This makes things extremely difficult. We use 3 different labs to try to get an idea of where our genetics actually are. Our last test we got said that one of our strains is 25% CBD and 0.1% THC. This would be a 250 : 1. This is the highest ratio possibly ever tested in the history of the World. However, it is most likely not accurate.

I was talking with MYDX 3 years ago on weekly phone calls. I came to the conclusion that an “All Seeing 8 Ball” was not only much less expensive, but also just as accurate.

Is MYDX trying to say that their product is better than high quality equipment?