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Did I feeckk upp? HELPPPPP LOL ๐Ÿ˜‚

So I think Iโ€™m in week 2-3 of flower :sweat_smile:
And I was trying to pull off a big fan leafโ€ฆ and pulled off the top 3 or so inches of colas

Will it still bud?


Yep your all good. She might wait a couple days to start pushing again from the stress. But she will be totally fine.

how long ago did you flip it to flower? Some ppl donโ€™t start counting weeks until they see prime bud sites from. It can keep you from harvesting to early and wasting all your time on some ok stuff.

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Yes, you will be fine. Remember FIM= FU$K I MIST.FIM

Itโ€™s an auto. So I think it was like eeek 3-4 and I was seeing pistols.
And now itโ€™s week 3 or 2 of flower lol.

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How do you think you fimu=Fu#k I Messiest Up ? If you want to see if I can help you like me know what your talking about. Start with getting a journal for the grow,and all your total opp so you can keep track and not have to guess and you can always see what you did with your last run/ seed to consum.

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Your at 3.5 weeks into Flower stage. Whatโ€™s the question

Bro, sombody told me that same adviceโ€ฆ I completely threw off my time scheduleโ€ฆ Doing it that way is confusing in my opinion. Just start your calender the day you flip the lightsโ€ฆ easier to track, and as long as you got a jewelry loop or a Microscope, dont worry about havesting to early


haha true that, aint got shit to say now lol cheers. Just started doing it this way it โ€ฆidk if it makes me more patient or not.

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I pulled off the top three or so inches of the plant. Just wondering if its gonna grow bud, or if I stunted the shot out of it by doing that

So, am I actually in week 3 of flower lol?

The chemical components that are triggered to make it flower happened when you changed light schedule. Thats when flower starts. Use a loop to see when harvest is eminent. Log everything and when you grow that strain again you have timeframes logged.

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I didnโ€™t change any lights. Itโ€™s outside.

A bit harder to figure out from there but not to hard. Google will tell you how long of days you have where you liveโ€ฆ

Outside has a set schedule for plants. At the end of summer time is when it will push to flower. If your going to use outside this late and want the plant to get larger, you will have to supply light outside to maintain a cycle thats closer to springtime.

My outside plants I just let go by this timeframe. When they are ready, I harvest. I have a couple that are 4 inches tall cause I wanted to test the season.

Sounds like you are on the right way to a good grow. Remember what I said.

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Whatโ€™s the question so I can see how I can help you or not.

No questions sir.

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Awesome. Keep it all dialed in.

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Ik can always give you a good question to answer? lol