Did I go right with my 1st ever setup


Looking clean ,lean and ready to grow that dank green. Nice work.

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to increase tent space inside and reduce more heat see if you can get your fan outside the tent. And your venting tube is way to long. The longer the tube the more the fan works also. Less tubing and air flows faster. Too long and youll need a inline booster fan. Also look into getting rid of that filter and get a ozone generator. Carbon filters are crap. They instantly reduce your air flow 25% and they clog up and there expensive and do not work well enough for me so i never use them. I have 3 ozone generators and zero odors :+1:. Nice led light boards though they should grow you some kickass weed. Are they hlg’s


Hey @reciperee18 bunch the extra tubing up and take the slack up and tape it with a little packing tape to hold it together. And use a string and hold it to a top bar. That way you dont cut it and if you move stuff later or reconfigure your tent then it is adjustable for later use. You cant uncut these lol. Nice tent by the way.

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