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Did the Illinois Legislature Set the Stage for National Legalization?

Last week, the Illinois Legislature legalized cannabis for adult use and established a distribution system, effective January 1, 2020. This legislative action created a ripple effect that spanned the cannabis industry and beyond, leaving many industry insiders to wonder if other states might follow suit and bypass the will of the voters and legalize cannabis through in the legislature? Voter initiatives are time consuming and expensive, after all. It takes a lot of work to get propositions on ballots.

What do you think? Did the legislature in Illinois set the stage for legalization here in the U.S.?


I’m sure it didn’t hurt the US stage. I do know that they have Indiana up against the ropes and they can’t drag their feet any longer. I think the state that would pave the way for the rest of the country would be if Louisiana were to legalize in any kind of form. It is where our history with Cannabis began in this country (RIP Loui Armstrong) and where the prohibition should end. Just my two cents lol