Different night times in flower and veg

Hello to everyone,

I was wondering it there is a problem with the following light cycles:

Veg lights on from 5pm to 11am
Bloom lights on from 8am to 8 pm

The reason I wanna do it like this is to be able to move warm air from veg to flower, when the flower room is asleep and from bloom to veg during the veg night time, to save on heating costs…

Obviously they would have a rather harsh transmition from the veg room to flower, but I don’t know if one very long day amnd then a new night time is a big problem, if it happens only once in a “lifetime”.

Does anyone have experience with this strategy and could help?

Thank you guys!


Hi @danjiel

Great idea to recycle air and use warmth efficiently. A couple concerns I would like to bring to your attention is the “stale” air coming from your vegetative room that will be used in your flower room. Another problem is if you get a airborne disease/pets ( mites/ bud rott ) in your vegetative room, its sure to infect your flowering room. I did something very similar many years ago with swopping air, but on a very small scale. It worked for me, and I thought it was great.

But like your idea of saving energy ( heat ) and therefore saving you money. Nice.

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