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Digging into Vaping as a Healthy alternative!

Vaping and Cardio
Aug. 16, 2017by Vaping GuruTrending Now

The best advice for all of you who want to be professional athletes, or to those who just want to be fit, would be not to give in yourselves to any of the bad habits and lead a healthy life.

Even though there are many claims that vaping is less harmful to your health than smoking tobacco cigarettes, none of them are scientifically proven. However, a question arises in connection with this topic. Does vaping have any impact on your cardio performance?

Regarding actual smoking, it has been scientifically proven that nicotine causes constriction of arteries and speeds up heart rate (which means that it has to work harder as blood vessels do not work effectively), and thus limits your cardiovascular fitness. We could not help but wonder, is it the same in the case of using electronic cigarettes?

Benefits of vaping
Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon and because of that possible side effects are still a topic for scientific research.

While giving up a bad habit like smoking would be the best option not only if you want to boost your energy, but if you want to take better care of your health as well, vaping gadgets at least let you control the level of nicotine and in this way they make your transition smooth. But, if you are addicted to the tobacco flavor that much, you can even buy tobacco flavored e-juices for your device. In case you are not familiar with these devices, click here to find out some useful information.

And if this was not enough for you, let us take a closer look at what happens with your body during this transition. Your lungs will begin to repair themselves as you stop taking in nicotine, and the tar that has been accumulated for such a long time from inhaling tobacco smoke will be removed from your body. You will start feeling better after just a few weeks, you will be able to breathe more deeply and improve your endurance performance. Moreover, you will get rid of anxiety, irritability and depression.

Impact of vaping on cardio
There are various reports on the amount of impact that vaping has on the performance of athletes, such as that their ability to run for distance improved after vaping just for a week. When it comes to strength trainings, a couple of reports found out that athletes were able to perform more heavy lifts than they could before starting to vape. However, it is said that vaping heavily within an hour or two before a workout shortens the breath, but, it is still deeper when compared to the performance after using tobacco cigarettes.

To conclude, vaping is quite new and no scientific studies have been conducted yet. But, we do know one thing for sure: vaping is definitely a safer choice than smoking.


Interesting article. Do you agree with all of the points on there considering what we chatted about a bit yesterday with the vapor feeling on the lungs, @CannaBull420 ?


I still feel that both vaping and smoking are harmful in their own rights. Vaping has less studies thus far but I continue to feel that as vaping becomes more common that the studies will show that vaping is probably safer than smoking. But I think most will agree.


Here’s some food for thought, I’ve been messaging a person here in Colorado that claims he is one of the patent holders on smokeless cannabis (like a smokeless tobacco product, but cannabis if I understand it correctly.)

I’m actually going to send him an invite to here, I think that’d be really interesting to hear more about!

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CDC concerns about deadly poisonings from vape cartridges, agency looking into Vitamin E carrier oils.

[](http://NPR: latest on deadly “vaping disease”)