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Dinafem: "YouTube suspends our channel, censorship is alive"

Just because our cultural acceptance of cannabis is growing, doesn’t mean that censorship won’t die. The struggle is real.

@RemoNutrients did you experience part of this censorship sweep as well?


I heard the Emery’s site got shut down too. In that case it may be the source not the topic but this makes me think otherwise.

Digital Reefer Madness


Does anyone prefer to use Vimeo? I know @Adelia_DCN uses Vimeo on their site. I am worried that Canna Cribs and our future video content will get shut down on YouTube. Might be time to switch over to Vimeo.


How does Vimeo differ from YouTube in terms of policy? Is the hosting somehow different?

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Youtube: where you can find videos of bumfights and rants by literal Nazis and theories about the Earth being flat, but fuck you if you wanna learn about a plant that’s legal one way or another in almost the entire country. If you’re gonna clutch your pearls, at least do it at the right things!


This article posted on Leafly today is very informative regarding YouTube continuing its “cannabis purge”:

The author mentions a website called, a community-created, cannabis-focused site.


I’ve said this before - so at the risk of repeating myself, forgive me.

Any platform has the right to suspend/delete your content. It is in your best interests to publish your info to your own website. You control your website = you control your content.

Why give someone else control of your content?


I suspect that some particular group of people are flagging these videos for review. I happen to follow a fair number of atheist YouTubers, and there are periodic “sweeps” of their content, largely from a few individuals or small groups who dislike the content. Unfortunately, the way the YouTube reporting system works, it favors the people making the report or claim, which is a huge problem IMO and in many other people’s opinions.

Luckily for the atheist YouTubers I watch, all their content falls under appropriate guidelines and is fair use, so they usually get the content reinstated. But the irritation is almost palpable at how easy it is to take down somebody’s channel or videos.