Discussion with DCN | AeroSpring


Hey everyone,

Adelia here with DCN (Direct Cannabis Network). For those who aren’t familiar with DCN, we are a B2B digital news network covering the latest tech, entrepreneurs and innovative companies in the cannabis industry.

Our team gets so excited seeing the innovation and technology coming into this space, however sometimes we see cool products that we may think is cool, but in reality, since we are a novice when it comes to growing, we want to gain insight from the Growers Network community.

What do you think about this new product? They had a successful Kickstarter campaign and are also marketing this to cannabis consumers.

Thoughts on this? Let’s discuss, we want to learn. :slight_smile:



Hey @Adelia_DCN! Great to hear from you!

I can’t help but be reminded of the Phototron from back in the day. Two or three decades ago, you couldn’t open a High Times magazine without seeing one of these ads somewhere.


Has anybody tried the Aerospring yet? What have been your results?



Reminds me of the same :smiley: