Distribution Manifests, Invoices and Receipts for California in SAAS

Please don’t view this as self-promotion. It a product that has very limited application in that it is California only but it solved a huge problem for our clients and so I thought we should make everyone aware of it.

Commercial Cannabis Document Suite – CCDS
Commercial Cannabis Document Suite – CCDS was released in Beta today. We are providing a preview of a something that has been in development for close to a year. If you or a business you work with is involved in the commercial cannabis industry in California the changes the game. [At this time, we no intention of expanding development for jurisdictions outside of California [the complexity of compliance requirements are difficult to comprehend].

We have developed a Commercial Cannabis Distribution Suite [“CCDS”] which is fully compliant with California Regulatory Agency [ Bureau of Cannabis Control [“BCC”], Dept. of Public Health – Manufactured Cannabis Safety Board [“CDPH”], Dept. of Agriculture – CalCannabis Cultivation Unit [“CDFA”], Department of Tax and Fee Administration [“CDTFA”].

CCDS will have full integration with Google Cloud’s G Suite for Email, Contacts, Documents, Drive and Sheets, Microsoft Office 365’s Outlook, Word and Excel, Intuit QuickBooks Online, Xero Cloud Accounting, Slack and Adobe Acrobat – each coming online starting 2Q – 4Q 2018.

We are looking at integration with Fishbowl Inventory/Manufacturing and Franwell’s METRC.

If you are interested in the platform, please contact us to be added to our list.

Commercial Cannabis Document Suite

If you would like more information, a demo or to be invited to participate in the Beta, please fill out the requested Contact Information below.

Prospective Road Map

aBIZinaBOX CCDS Roadmap – 2018 is an overview of our plans to build out our platform to support the commercial cannabis industry in California, our CPA firm on abizinabox.com and a number of client platforms. The overall introduction to the platform entitled aBIZinaBOX WordPress Platform Workflows.

IRC Sec. 280E article submitted to major scholarly taxation journals and aaBIZinaBOX CCDS Roadmap - 2018
aBIZinaBOX Inc. CPA’s Cannabis Practice Group salable IRC Sec. 280E planning and tax compliance support product and building a template for 280E allocations, choice of entity and potentially IRC Sec. 199A.

Cannabis Compliance Document Suite [“CCDS”] – which will provide a multi-tenanted platform which will permit the generation of commercial invoices and transportation manifests for California commercial cannabis businesses.A more detailed description of the platform can be found

California Cannabis Chek – is the platform product that would address cash controls, and hopefully, provide a basis to get the banking community comfortable with cannabis businesses. You can see more here.

Cannabis Compliance AI BOT – is the concept that I mentioned briefly mentioned which would involve the creation of a BOT that would have the FAQ from the aBIZinaBOX Cannabis Practice Group website with continued maintenance and update as either a pay per question or monthly subscription. The AI engine is going to be the Google Tensorflow AI Engine.

CDTFA Compliance Platform– is the platform/product that that would provide tax compliance services for Cultivation, Cannabis Excise and Sales tax returns starting with several levels of fees for return preparation dependent on answers to the due diligence instrument that we are working on to take an inventory of the accounting, tax and regulatory processes that a business has in place.

Development of Xero-Fishbowl integration, adding METRC bridge for Extractor Accounting and Tax compliance platform.

Ala Carte Consulting based upon any of what would get “fed” to use the five “products identified above”.

Tax Controversy – Audit Defense which is would assist cannabis industry businesses being examined by the IRS, FTB or CDTFA for taxes and BCC, CDPH or CDFA for California cannabis industry regulatory compliance.

Alpha Stage – There are a couple dozen additional extensions of the platform in an alpha stage we will expand up shortly.

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Definitely necessary in this growing business. States are becoming far less lenient when it comes to security and inventory tracking. Software platforms that cater specifically to the needs of the cannabis business will be in high demand in the very near future (like 5 minutes from now!). Good luck with this very cool tech!

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If you would like to learn more about the platform, here is a link to a blogpost that provides a detailed overview of the platform in a series of five posts. https://eprnews.com/abizinabox-wordpress-workflow-platform-336993/

In case anyone is wondering, I have been a CPA for thirty-seven years. My background is Enterprise, not Small Business. I was a Tax Partner with Arthur Andersen LLP by my 30th birthday. I ran the Real Estate Group of 350 CPA’s and Attorneys.

You can learn a bit more about me and our practicehere. Please keep in mind that the platform is California compliant ONLY at this point. .

Even though it’s compliant only in CA right now, that doesn’t mean the software can be altered to meet the needs of other states’ regulatory bodies (and I’m sure the platform will be ultimately tailored to meet the unique needs of each evolving cannabis marketplace). It’ll be exciting to see the developments!


Let me know when we can catch up. I am in the office from 6AM - Midnight seven days a week.


I am interested in getting some more information on your product and a look at your beta. PM me with details.


@jszesq we can help with the distribution of this SAAS. Let me know when the Beta is open for users.

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This is a starting point, I will get you something that is more complete in a bit.