DIY air powered drip ring

So I saw a video on YouTube about an air powered drip ring so I thought I’d give it a try.

![image|375x500] (upload://3BsydjaBiOr8TJUEjxCyPXR7GsO.jpeg)

It works!! Pretty simple to make.
Parts list:
Small large mouth mason jar.
Small funnel that will fit inside mason jar.
Air stone.
Air pump.
Line big enough to fit tight into or over funnel.
Line for air pump and stone.

So you drill a hole in the centre of the mason jar lid big enough for funnel to stick out of. The video had another small hole in the lid for the air line but when I drilled my lid it was on the jar and pulled the bit into jar and broke a nice small hole down at the bottom corner so that is where I ran my air line for the air stone. The bigger line that goes into the funnel at the lid is the drip ring. The drip line needs holes in the top where it would sit in net pot to let the air escape and it also needs some on the bottom of the line to let the water out. Also plug the end of the drip line. The air stone goes inside the mason jar under the funnel I cut a small notch in the funnel for the air line to go under. The lid holds the funnel in place and the mason jar fills with water through the air line for stone on the bottom. Run drip ring up to net pot fill with water and away you go. I will post more pics and a video later. I tried with 3 different size air pumps from a 30gal 75gal and 100gal they all worked and actually I found the small one works the best. I am going to try the medium size and run a T fitting for a stone in the drip system and in the bucket to see if it will still work properly. Why not get two birds stoned at once! lol. Any questions just ask.


The other things in the side of the bucket are just brass fittings for a water level and drain on the outside. I made the whole bucket for around $30 Canadian most stuff from Walmart other than net pot.


So I can’t seem to upload a video but it does work. You get a couple of good drops of water every 3-7 seconds.