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DIY Boveda Challenge

Hey friends!

Boveda is having a further sample giveaway contest where you get samples and perform the Boveda Challenge with your own airtight containers and grinders.

Apply here:


Highly recommended you enter! My kit got mixed up in shipping last round, but communication was great and the package is great. I just used mine for a weekend away.


Has anyone ever tested to see if these products leave residuals on the product? I stopped using them because I wasn’t sure it was contaminating my medicine.

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Hey Amy! Here’s an article which includes a test result of contents of a Boveda after storage. This is a common suggestion however the osmosis holes in the Boveda sachet are only big enough to allow water molecules through. In addition, water acts a certain way and the movement of water is always from high humidity to low humidity. Because of this it’s scientifically impossible for the Boveda to absorb terpenes unless the bud in question were completely fresh and undried.

RH control stops the smell of the terps. This is because RH control adds a protective moisture layer onto the thing that’s exuding the scent–the trichome. Cereal manufacturers use this technique as well to store grain and dry food stuffs without losing nutritional value or freshness. One of our R&D engineers is from the cereal industry.

I wish you had gotten in on the challenge. This is similar where we give you the Boveda but you use your own storage containers and grinders. It’s the immediate before and after that seems to show people the difference. I am not in any way discounting your opinion here, just telling you what the technology does which in turn, could explain the effects you experience when using them. :wink:



Right on! We’re eager to hear your feedback and are hoping that you’ll get the chance in the future to do the side-by-side 14-day challenge. Feedback can be here or on social media. Just tag @BovedaCannabis



Thank you so much!!!

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