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DIY Ideas For Drying After Harvest

I’m harvesting today but need to figure out how to dry in my condo without disturbing my neighbors. More so concerned about the quality of the bud than my neighbor lol Any ideas to help? I think I have about 4-6 pounds.


Hang it where you grew it

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The drying mesh works great inside a small tent with a carbon filter and exhaust fan.
good luck.


@wrosenk. I want a 7-10 day dry period. Will the mesh net dry to fast? And how bad is the flat side of dried buds? Thanks!

I’d like an answer to this also

Everything I do is by the KISS method. Keep It Simple Stupid! Hahaha for real. So…if your going to habe 4-5lbs, well I use hangers or wire like welding wire or safety wire around .30 size. Anyway,if you have a closet you can use hangers or i run wires across my room from anchor to anchor and use the wire or hang hangers from the wire. I have even used my led work light stands as racks to hang the hangers from. Lol i use my bathroom shower a lit and use hangers from the shower curtain bar.When I harvest i take fan leaves off first and set aside to trash. Then I trim the bud up and keep that trim aside to make goodies out of later. After that plant is trimmed, cut her down whole and hang the whole plant. For smell…Charcoal filters, ionizers in the next room, and even candle warmers and other smell goods throughout your condo. When the stem starts to have a Little stiff bend to it, but the bud is still squishy, thats when i take the bud off the stems and put into jars to start Burping every day. The idea is to get the bud to start drying, then Re-wets itself, dry a little more, remoisten a little…etc…thats why people burp their jars. All your doing is trying to slow down the dry process as much as you can with out causing mold. This gives the material plenty of time for the chlorophyll to evaporate. If you start seeing a discoloration like a light brown tint start,then get the lid off and get it dried out faster…thats the beginning of it starting to spoil.
Sorry if I over explained.
Almost forgot, if you are setting buds flat on something, just make sure you go everyday and turn or flip the bud, that will help some with the flattening your worried about.

and the flat spots are why most don’t use this. I use an undergarment drying rack similar to this. Clip them upside down and many in the same space.

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kjdawd & louispicasso - I use a 4" in line duct booster fan and 4" carbon filter in the tent, turn the nugs every 2-3 days–at the end of the 7-10 days they are perfect to go to storage for curing .


Don"t forget to add the humidity stabilizers (62%) for curing. and open once a week to “air out.”