Diy my cannabiz light

Hello everyone,
I’m an enthusiastic cannabis grower who is passionate about cultivating Cannabis. Recently, I’ve embarked on a DIY LED grow light project to enhance the effectiveness and quality of my cultivation. I’d like to share my planned LED plant light design with you all and seek your feedback and suggestions.

Firstly, selecting the right LED spectrum is crucial for Cannabis growth. I plan to use 660nm and some white,(some people recommend these) as these wavelengths are highly beneficial for Cannabis growth. The 660nm red light stimulates flower bud growth and fruit maturation, while the 730nm far-red light aids in growth regulation and morphogenesis.

For LED selection, I aim to use high-quality LED chips to ensure radiation efficiency and spectral stability. I will also consider LED heat dissipation design to guarantee stable operation and longevity.

Next is the assembly of the LED fixture. I intend to use aluminum alloy as the outer casing material to provide excellent heat dissipation performance. I’ll also add appropriate heat sinks and fans to maintain stable temperature during prolonged operation.

As for the power supply design, I plan to choose a stable and reliable LED driver to ensure proper LED operation. I’ll select a driver based on LED power and quantity, ensuring its output current and voltage meet the LED requirements. Additionally, I’ll consider the power supply’s efficiency, safety features such as overload and short-circuit protection.

Finally, I’ll incorporate some smart control features, such as timing switches and dimming functions, to adjust lighting parameters according to the plants’ needs.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions. If you have any experience or advice regarding LED grow light design or Cannabis cultivation, please feel free to share below. Thank you!


Goodluck on your light building endeavors. I like to build my own lights also and i have built 7 lights.

This was my last build.
It has UV also.


wuuu,that’s pretty cool

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what is the wavelength of your UV? 395nm? or 365nm


Right at about 395 heres the specs.