Do I have mites

Do i have a mite issue. plant wont grow taller. new growth seems fucked up. spots on leaves. in dwc. help

What ppm and pH are your nutes at? That leaf looks like it got crunched or pinched, not bitten by mites.


i still not sure how to understand my ppm device. when i did it the first time is was 94? didnt check with last res change. ph is 5.8. i dont adjust until next res change once a week. my new growth is yellow and some leaves edges are curling.

I’d get those things dialed in first. Bad things can happen fast in DWC.


what should my ppm be?

should i check my ph daily?

PPM depends on stage of life for the plants, same for pH. I really like to follow the chart from Current Culture.


Awesome chart bro! Is this for soil only? If so, how would one calibrate it for Coco? Thanks!

not sure why my ppm meter reads only two digits?

If it’s reading 2 numbers, it might be an EC meter. It does the same job as a ppm meter. EC x 500 gives PPM. If your meter reads EC 1.5, multiply that by 500 to get a ppm of 750.

And I would definitely check pH daily. Might adjust every few days, but it gives you a good idea of what’s going on below. It’s like checking your tent’s min/max temperature and humidity.


ok did a res change this morning. ph 5.7 ppm 661. the crazy thing is i used a ton of nutes. 38 ml of grow 25 ml of micro and 10 ml or bloom for 2.5 gal of distilled water. humidity 55% temp 77°F and res temp 67°F. also used 10 ml of cal mag and 6 ml of hydroguard. why would my ppm be so low. using ketotek tds meter

which means i should have a ppm reading between 1400 and 1500. but thats more than double the nutes listed on the flora series to get a reading that high. had a guy at my local hydro store tell me they have too much nitrogen due to the leaves drooping and dark green. but 660 ppm is a long way from 1500 ppm when putting nutes in today it seemed like a lot.

i have some root rot and would like to do a root rinse. what is the the best method you would use?