Do LEDs "wear out" and become less and less effective?

I have two of the #1 lights in one tent and three of the #2 in a second tent. I realized last year that the #1 lights were only for veg stage, so I have been moving the plants into the second tent when flipping to flower.
I have noticed now that the seedlings currently in tent #1 just aren’t growing at the same rate as others did previously in that tent. And the same goes for the Runtz I have in the 2nd tent which flipped to flower April 28. Is Runtz generally a short plant (thus its name)?
I realize that none of the lights I have are of high quality, but previous grows have gone much better by this stage.
Everything else had remained consistent: RO water, nutrients, etc…

Thanks for your input and help!

Lights in tent #1 : Durolux DLED8048VG LED Grow Light - 4 Foot by 1.5 Foot - 320W (0.5 W LEDs x 640 Pcs) with Vegetative Spectrum and 40000 Lux, Universal Input Voltage, General Purpose Growing, Over 50% Energy Saving

Lights in tent #2 : VANECT LED Grow Light, 2022 New…


They usually lose some light over the lifespan.

“What is an L70 Rating? LED must maintain 70% of their initial lumens during their rated life. For example, an LED with a life of 25,000 hours means that at 25,000 hours of use, the LED bulb will be producing 70% of the light output that it was producing when it was brand new.”


I checked your light in the link its no good for flowering. The duro lux is veg only. I have that same light and i have never tried to flower with it. But i still use it and its ok. We got to get you a good light. You can Dm me if you like because i was gonna ask how’s the Job?

Leds will slowly die over time. I have 2 doards from budget led 5yrs ago and im still using it. Its dimmable so its harder to tell if its going bad.


Look into medic grow ther lights are very affordable and good quality


Over time led’s do become less effective but the grower has a lot of control over how fast they degrade, a warm grow room(32c) with low air flow will reduce the led life span by half vs a cool grow room(26c) with high airflow. led’s can’t handle heat, so keep them cool and they will last a very long time.