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Do not let your insurance needs go up in smoke!

CannaLife Insurance & Financial Solutions for the past 31+ years has assisted consumers with no issues to those with high risk factors get approved for life insurance. But as you probably know,
those who admit to smoking or doing any form of cannabis are 99.9% of the time DECLINED as are those who do not admit to using, take an insurance exam and THC comes back in their urine and again… a DECLINE!

Great news! I have negotiated with an ‘A-’ Excellent AM Best rated insurer the ability to offer a cannabis user (in any form) the ability to be underwritten and with admitted daily cannabis use be approved "Standard Non Smoker’as long as there are no other issues. A med’l card is not required nor does marijuana need to be legal in one’s state.

For a free no-obligation consultation and quote please call me (Ken Kaufman) at 623-977-3411 (MST).

Most agents do not have the knowledge or insurer connections to get a cannabis user approved but we do!


Ken Kaufman
O. 623-977-3411 (MST)
E: [email protected]

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