Do you harvest in full dark?

Hey all! I’ve just harvested my 3 plants and was very careful to snip them within moments of opening the tent after their 12 hour sleep.

What are peoples’ opinions of this? The theory being that the plant pulls moisture and possible other nutes (?) up into the bud and leaves within minutes of the lights being on. Letting this happen may effect drying time, taste, and quality.




yap that would be the preferred method to harvest.

their is degradation in the cannabinoid content depending on the time of harvest.
about the drying time i also agree.

not so sure if their are evidence around about the plant pulling other nutes that effect taste.


So far so good! You are doing all the right things here: harvesting with the lights off or just before the first crack of dawn if you are outdoor will ensure that any residual fertilizers missed during the flush remain down in your roots, not locked in your precious flowers. As soon as light hits the plants, photosynthesis begins and macronutrients and micronutrients begin their vascular journey up from the rhizosome toward the canopy of your plant.

Should you make the unfortunate decision to harvest with the lights on or with the sun up, you may notice a harsher taste/effect/flavor in your finished product; this is the result of excess chlorophyll and possibly residual heavy metals (i.e. “stuff”). If you’ve ever grown or received product that had a smell like alfalfa or hay or freshly-cut grass, then you’ve likely seen what happens when one harvests with the lights on. The best way to mitigate this issue is to gas off the excess “stuff” from your finished flowers through a prolonged curing process.

The flush has an affect on the cure as well. Be sure to give at least 10 days to 2 weeks of pure water at the end of your flowering cycle, just prior to harvest. This flush process with further ensure that your finished flowers are pure, clean and residue-free.

So, unless you want to “work some jars” and have a super-long cure, I recommend that you harvest just before the lights come on and give a nice, long flush.

Happy Harvesting!


the reason for this smell is due to wrongly drying and curing, not the timing of harvest.

interesting to see a lab test about the effects of a flush.


We tend to feed all the way to last day. Ive noticed a harsher smoke on several rooms we have flushed in the past.
We are organic ,BTW.


I do not have a strong opinion on this, but I wonder…has there yet been any lab tested studies that show the effects of harvesting in dark vs light?
What about the effects of flushing?

These questions have been answered by practice and anecdotal evidence. Many of us practice flushing and dark harvest because of common knowledge. But I wouldn’t be very surprised if a controlled experiment proved we are doing something for the wrong reasons (even if its the right outcome).


about the timing of harvest its been evaluated due to research on cannabinoid production and degradation.
the conclusion is to harvest before the sun comes out.

about the flush cant say.