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Do you have an effective Odor Control Plan?

A question for growers/processors @mastergrowers @growopowners @ProcessorOwners out there, are you experiencing any complaints from the community in regards to odors from your operations?

If you are, check out this article from Los Angeles Magazine highlighting how a California grower adopted our Intelligent Odor Control System. This grower has shown concern for the community by installing a system to neutralize the odors emitting from the greenhouse in an environmentally safe way. Compliance for local/county odor abatement plans was another concern for this grower and we were able to provide a solution certified by a Professional Engineer (PE) / Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) that proves the safety and efficacy of our Intelligent Odor Control System.


Nobody likes stinky problems! Nice work, @Byers_Scientific!


Have any of our @mastergrowers or @growopowners or @ProcessorOwners ever dealt with odors escaping your cultivation facility? How did you mitigate those odor issues?


Ive used many a product. Like most things in this business. Yes they will sell you anything, if you wanna buy…
For some people who dont know. If you are growing less then six plants. Smell prob isnt going to be a issue. However any more then that you might have a problem. They just busted three grow houses here. over 15k plants and these guys were mainlining from the elec company. The reason they were caught. Smell.
Same reason some Native American tribal grows have been busted, well that and re routing natural resources.
Anyways. I use airocide in the room containing my grow rooms. This keeps the smell down amazing well. I have been meaning to install some UVC to clean my exhaust air. I do use carbon filtration aswell. Some states still let you buy ozone generators. While dangerous to work around while the are powered up. They do work very well also. I have used them in high stack exhaust. like as high up towards the roof vent as possible.
For the Big Commercial grows. We used massive scrbbing systems. with inline UV. Smell for those guys is a bigger issue.