Do you know about Fest Forums?

For every industry there are festivals and conferences…even the festival industry! All Aces Promotional Staffing loves sponsoring this event that literally brings people from all cultures & categories together to network & learn about the latest trends, products & services for events.

We loved being on “the other side of the fence…” we usually work behind the scenes to ensure sponsor booths are well staffed and managed, but at Fest Forums we get to experience that booth buzz when so much networking is done online these days! We nurture relationships and guide our clients from seed to sale…the event concept, to the final ROI figures…yet we’re lucky to meet some of these people face to face. It was such a joy to connect with this warm, friendly community at Fest Forums.

If you are an event planner, organizer, promoter, anything - please keep Fest Forums on your radar! Big shout to my team @allaces for getting so much value out of this recent event in Santa Barbara, CA .