Do you think this is necessary? Looking for Advice

I’m just a new one in planting. Before planting, I consider if my tent needs a bottom tray mat for my plant to extend my tent’s lifespan.
I can’t predict my plant’s growth situation. Does it seep through water? What mats do you put on when you plant?
Can anyone give me some advices about it?
I bought a silicone mat for my 2x2 grow tent after searching. He designed it with grooves. It is easy to clean, anti-dust and waterproof. Just like the following pictures.
Unfortunately it’s not the right size.
Can you tell me if the mat is necessary or useful in tent?
What would you use in your tent to prevent water and dirt?

Please share your opinions.
Thanks for your time.


It’s absolutely fine to use anything you might find comfortable to use. Mats are a good solution as you mentioned it helps to keep you tent clean and tidy. You can also use a plastic tray for that, personally I don’t use anything, cuz my tent has a double bottom. This mat can also keep the roots at the right temperature, if the floors at your place are cold.

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Hi @becky33

Welcome to GN. No worries about the matt, just there to keep your tent tidy. You can use anything you want, sometimes its a good idea to raise your pots so that there is airflow under the roots or like @gmalloy suggested you can use a plastic tray. What strains are your growing?


Great! Very Cool! I would consider your advice, thanks ! I can not wait to plant.


Welcome to the forum! @becky33 mats are fine. i use trays some times also. But you can buy new tent flood trays from the manufacturer of the tent. I keep like 6 on hand because i have 9 tents running. And they wear out over time but usually 3yrs of hard use. There pretty durable already!