Do you use automation in your homegrow?

Do you use automation gear in your grow? If so, what controllers are you using to control what devices?


I have DIY Arduino-based humidity and temperature sensors, and use Sonoff (also Arduino based I think) power switches for automating power schedules (for environmental appliances, lights, and pumps). I don’t use any automation tools for monitoring and adjusting PH or nutrient levels (yet?).


As for as automation just the timers for my lights…

Now I turn everything on and off remotely from my phone using these

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug by TP-Link – Smart Plug, No Hub Required, Works with Alexa and Google (HS100)


Very cool indoor option. Thanks for the info…


I use inkbirds to control my humidifier/dehumidifiers and heater/air conditioner, then timers similar tho those @tdubwilly posted above.

Inkbirds were my first improvement after my first grow. I found trying to control my environment myself almost impossible. I’m so happy to have found them, lol


Grower’s House has some great stuff as well.



Tomorrow is my day to look all around there, thanks for the link!


Just one fan per unit tho or they melt down if your power spikes. But fine for one fan at a time;)


I only use the photo sensor unit on air in (to prevent it from getting too cold at night during winter, it’s far too drafty in lights off mode.


Sure, yeah you don’t want to use more watts than the device is rated for.


I’ve automated climate (except manually filling up the humidifier) and my pH is automated with controllers.

Current flowering setup:

  • 7 strains in 4x8x7.7 tent. 1 amnesia, 3 enemy of the state, 2 chocolate Thai x Locktite testers, 1 crackers, 1 Pineapple Express, 1 Mexican airlines, 1 blue gelato 41, all RDWC chilled to 64F with automated pH controls.

  • Nutes are Megacrop (5g/gal), sweet candy (1g/gal), bud explosion (1.5g/gal) Sensi Calmag (4ml/gal)

  • ppm at around 900-1000max, pH at 5.6-5.9, 3 gallons in each 5 gallon tote, 12 inch air stone in each tote, 950GPH air pump, 10w submersible return pump in each tote

  • Electric Sky full spectrum lights using 900W off the wall

  • 1 16inch oscillating fan and 1 6” clip fan blowing across the top of LED’s

  • 5 6 inch clip on fans beside LED’s blowing downwards

  • 1 drained dehumidifier set to 40% RH located outside tent, fed from tent

  • 78-82°F daytime

  • 70°F nighttime

  • 1 1500w ceramic space heater set to 70°F

  • 1 14,000 btu air conditioner (input connected to output of dehumidifier) located outside tent feeding tent

  • 1 8” carbon filter with 8” inline fan feeding the compressor cooler intake of air conditioner

  • 1 6” inline booster fan on air conditioner compressor hot exhaust feeding a second carbon filter

  • 1 6” carbon filter with 6” inline fan (located in top of tent) temperature controlled feeding a second carbon filter

  • 800-1200ppm CO2

Current vegetive setup:

  • 9 strains in 4x4 room. 1 amnesia clone, 3 enemy of the state clones, 2 chocolate Thai x Locktite clones, 2 crackers, 1 wedding cake 1 Top dawg, 1 blue gelato 41 clone, 1 white critical, 1 Bruce banner #3 all RDWC chilled to 64F with automated pH controls.

  • Nutes are Megacrop (4g/gal), sweet candy (0.5g/gal), Sensi Calmag (4ml/gal)

  • ppm at around 700-800max, pH at 5.8-6.2, 3 gallons in each 5 gallon tote, 12 inch air stone in each tote, 950GPH air pump, 10w submersible return pump in each tote

  • Rapid LED cxb3590 5000k using 300w off the wall

  • 2 6” clip fans blowing down beside LED’s

  • ultrasonic humidifier set to 60%

  • 84°F daytime

  • 77°F nighttime

  • 800-1200ppm CO2

  • aero cloner with 3000k Chinese led


I’m very curious about your AC solution - can you explain how it’s set up, what kind you are using, etc? I am running four tents in my basement at the moment and always run into heat issues in the summer. I’m thinking about building out an enclosed grow space next year, and will definitely add an HVAC solution when I do… but if there is an option that actually cools my flower tent effectively as a gap stop until I can afford the money and time to do the build out, my eyes and ears are open.


I use cardboard boxes to create the collectors for inputs and outputs of the ac and dehumidifier. The input to the dehumidifier is connected to a tent duct (6” ducting) the output of the dehumidifier is connected (6” ducting) to the input of the cooling side (top rear vent) of the air conditioner the output of the air conditioner is routed to two tent ducts with 4” ducting (two 4” are about the same as a 6”) to reduce the cold spot normally associated with ducting in cold air. It was a single hose 14000 btu ac. The input to the compressor cooler (lower vent on rear of ac) I connected to a 8” carbon filter with 6” ducting (didn’t have 8” ducting but wanted the lower air flow resistance of the larger filter) the output for the compressor (factory 6” duct hose connection) I route outside of my Grow area. In my case the heat I expel from my grow area is cooled by my homes central air. If I could vent outside then I would leave everything the same except for the compressor cooling input would be connected to the outdoor intake vent and the compressor cooling output would be connected to an outdoor output vent.

Please note that if I were to use outdoor air that my input from outside would match my output outside to prevent a forced (suction or pressure) exchange of my cool (summertime) warm (wintertime) household air with the outside.


I can see how this could potentially remove some moisture from the air before it enters into the AC, potentially making it easier on the AC in that respect, but doesn’t this drastically increase the temperature of the air that is entering the AC unit?

I’ve always thought the hotter the air that the AC was intaking then the harder it would have to work to remove it.


Absolutely true!
However, considering the detrimental effect the hot dry air would have on tent temperatures it only seems logical to change the hot dry air into cool dry air before putting it in the tent. Just my thoughts.


I use Laneco smart wifi plugs just because they were on sale and they work with Alexa. They work great and the app is pretty straight forward also.

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i would love to see your setup… i have a 4x4 and a 5x10. i just had to restart both because of some male plants.

My rooms almost fully automated, just need to flush once and a while and refill the rez :+1:

My flowering floods on a timer, my veg room has 3 2x4 tables that flood separately on a mercury smart bar (with a phone app)

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