Does anyone use Karanja Seed Meal in their soil Mix?

Have you heard about the sister plant of Neem called Karanja which increases the effectiveness of Neem itself and acts a excellent fertilizer plus gives pest control to the plant

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No but I have a friend who believes that Neem oil used as fertilizer or pesticide was the cause of his “cyclical vomiting disorder” or cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.

Now that he grows his own Cannabis he no longer has this ailment. Very odd but considering Neem is seen as natural it could have been the problem the whole time.


Wow, I have never heard of that. That is very intersting. There could be many factors as there are many different types of Neem products
1- Pure cold pressed Neem Oil (Needs some sort of soap to mix oil with water, the cause could be also due to the soap) - Neem drop. Dyna gro neem oil.
2- Azadirectin 1.2% pesticide such as Azamax, Azapro, Neemix - these are safe and are approved by OSDA and WSDA and CDFA to be used on cannabis
3 - 70% hydrophobic extract of Neem oil - these products are what you get in your lowes and such which are RTU’s - Safer brand products

Please could you ask him what kind he was using?
Thank you


I will ask him for sure. I think you’re on to something with the first choice and the need to be used with soap. Surfactants are soaps and they cause vomiting!

I was really surprised as well when he first told me!


Ya. For the same reason, we developed a food grade emulsifier and launched our “Ready” line of products.
Neem drop ready is pure cold-pressed neem oil emulsified with our in-house emulsifier, just got to mix it in water
Neem Ninja ready is a mixture of Neem and Karanja oil which also is emulsified. Neem ninja is more effective than just Neem oil. You should give it a try

Its available on Amazon . The link is