Down goes the woodchuck

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What do you do with your catches?

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I’m that totally depends on what we trap I use to hunt ever since I was 8 w my older brothers and uncles and for the longest time we only hunted coon and coyote for pelt , but then my brother got his mass trapping license and the state came to him for a job to get rid of beavers and I helped him on that job for a long time and we had more than 5 beavers and I wanted to make my self some mittens kuz there fur is waterproof and my older brother wouldn’t give me any of the pelt but wanted me to help so I stopped helping and stood really trapping and hunting all together and moved twords foraging and mushroom hunting so it really depends man I’ve eaten alot of what iv cought iv also relocated Wich is illegal btw and iv also jus blown a cppl brains out kuz I got sick wasting money on pest and nuecience

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I always get sketched to answer this question Liz alot of people are judgey

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Why do u ask?