Dr. Mechoulam calls CannMed 2018 one of the Most Important Cannabis Meetings this Year

You know you are doing something right when the “Father of Cannabis Research” says your conference is one of the most important medical cannabis conferences this year.

To be fair, Dr. Mechoulam is on the CannMed 2018 Advisory Board, and he helped select the speakers who will be presenting at this year’s event. We are so honored to have him be a part of our event and to provide a platform for the next generation of cannabis researchers to build on Dr. Mechoulam’s pioneering work.

Learn more about CannMed 2018 at www.cannmedevents.com


Thanks for mentioning Dr. Mechoulam’s involvement in MedCann, @BenMGC!

I am especially excited to meet one of the individuals who is UNQUESTIONABLY one of the most important pioneers in our industry. I have been following Dr. Mechoulam’s body of work for my entire career.

I have often stated that there has never before, and likely never will again be, a more important and innovative figure in cannabis research than Dr. Raphael Mechoulam.

We will be in the presence of greatness, folks. Take note!

I can’t wait!


For those who are not familiar with Dr. Mechoulam and his work, I encourage you to watch “The Scientist”.


Thanks for adding that! What a well-lived life! If you have not yet watched this documentary, you should!

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