Dreamer's Missouri Commercial Grow

Hey Everyone, so I will try to keep up on this when I can, but I wanted to show what all I had going on here. I started with this company close to a year ago as a growing support role. From there, I moved up to Head Grower/Director of Indoor Cultivation. They didn’t have a title, so I got to make one up myself, lol. It has been a hell of a ride starting from scratch, but we are starting to even out quite a bit. This Wednesday, we cut down our 10th harvest and it looks amazing. Lets start the tour.

We have two Veg rooms with dual level archive racking. We are using FOHSE F1V lights and Quest dehumidifiers. Due to an NDA, I am not allowed to give out a lot of information, but I can say we are semi-synthetic nutes in Coco/perlite soilless medium. In the pictures you will see one of our veg rooms that are about to be flipped to flower next week. We have topped them for an even canopy and have started the lollipop.

Next up is our flower rooms. We have 4 flower rooms as of right now, that can fit roughly 250 plants each. We are using FOHSE A3I lights and Quest dehus. We will train taller strains and double trellis throughout the flowering stage. The A3Is are pretty cool, because they adjust through the seasons from spring, to summer, to autumn and they also have a 30 minute sunrise and sunset feature that allows them to ramp up in intensity. Our girls love it and we have been putting out over a 1/2 lb per plant dried bud. We are using CO2 so that we can really push the PAR of the lights. In the rooms that I have taken pictures of, we are sitting at 23 days in flower. They have stopped their stretch and have started to produce buds. The taller strains has a tendency to start smaller bud sites, but then blow up after day 30. The smaller strains will start strong and finish stronger for us.

Below is our star player, Chemmy Jones. She tests high and won third in the CO consumer choice award.

The one below, I’m excited about. This was a pheno I had of Humbolt seed company’s Blueberry Muffin. Unlike the others I have tried, this one finishes into a bready, tart blueberry taste. Everyone that has tried it, loves it, including our consultants. This will be our first harvest of it and I am excited to see what it does.

Last of the flower room pics is another of my phenos. This one is King Cone by elev8. It us super dank and super stoney. Everyone I have given this to gets stuck on the couch, but the everyday all day smokers say its an easy smoker and they just keep smoking on it throughout the day. Hopefully we can get them both on the market by spring time.

Since we just harvested, I will give you a tour of our hang cure room. We aim for a 7 day slow hang, buck into totes and cure for a couple weeks. I had to push for this, since I know the potential quality loss of a shit cure. We are trying to bring some better terps and flavors to a market that is run by THC percentages. Don’t get me wrong, we have a couple strains that test high, but we have a lot of strains that are there for the flavor. We also have some old school strains like, Durban Poison, Green Crack, Blue Dream, and Lemon Skunk.

There you are. That’s about all the time I have to show you what we have going on. Hopefully, in the future, I can show you our outdoor, distillation, and packaging departments and, wishful dreaming, soon we will get a solventless extraction up and running. I really want to see some FF hash and Rosin coming to the market.


Flavor is where it’s at! No more high thc numbers!


Oh, I agree completely. Unfortunately, here, THC is all it’s run by. We did pull in some new tasty strains that I know are not going to test that high, but I am going to push to keep them on. What do you have running that’s a favorite.

We have a couple that everyone is ranting about. Our Donny Burger is killer and people are buying up our green crack, gelato cake and durban. We just dropped Lilac Diesel and old school blue dream. Hopefully people jump on those, because they smell amazing.


I will be running a red Runtz that will kill. It smells amazing


You in St. Louis with me? Maybe I can get together with ya?

Looks like an amazing grow you have there.