Dreams: From Homegrown to Full Blown Commercial?

Someday. Yeah, if only. LOL But we have plans to get our own place maybe somewhere in Colorado where we can homestead, spend time with the kids and grandkids, and of course, grow for profit.
Of course, we need to know as much as we can about growing and all of its aspects. A major reason we are here. (No, I’m not speaking in the royal third person, LOL, my wife is included.) You can expect to see silly questions along with some really silly ones on occasion from us. Hopefully our questions are the ones other people want to know but were afraid to ask.

We’ve already found an area that we like. Now we just have to do some crash learning.

What is your dream and what are you doing to achieve it?



Nice to have you on GN. Enjoying all your posts, especially this one. So you have already started living your dream, cause you are making a plan. The power of writing down your dreams increases the motivation to achieve them. Your dream reminds me of a Canna Cribs episode on Artisanal Grown husband and wife team just south of Portland, Oregon.

Personally I threw my career away just over 10 years ago to start subsistence farming on a small homestead in South Africa. It was an abandoned drug rehabilitation centre before I got here. My background was IT, with a little farming experience. When I first came down I started rehabilitating the farm, getting infrastructure in place such as sewage, electrical, water etc in place. The first thing I actually did was create a vegetable garden and then I moved onto building a private wifi network as there was no access to internet.

A couple months ago I came to realization how far we have come while I sat drinking my own beer, smoking homegrown tobacco and cannabis, eating spinach, eggs and bacon from the homestead. It was living my dream.

My partner and me are about to take another giant leap and I recently ( last week ) purchased ( made a deal with another farmer ) a lister 3kVA engine and generator. This will technically mean we can almost be off-the-grid and be self-sufficient, except for diesel.

About your crash learning, dont worry too much, you are about to embark on a life of learning something new everyday. A suggestion would be to stick to your trade, strengths and look at multiple revenue streams to keep things going. My biggest battle when coming down was thinking I could do it all myself and manage an IT business remotely. I lost my business while I was hacking away at farming and that made life very difficult. 10 years later we have separate revenues like renting out a cottage, wifi subscriptions, selling eggs, pork and vegetables.

A couple things I wish I had done differently. Although I have setup a small orchard, I wish wish wish I had planted more fruit trees 10 years ago. I wish I had setup a proper orchard with irrigation and security fencing.

And to make your life easier and more rewarding, get a good dog. This was the start of my journey, traveling around to find a good spot to live the dream and then finally moving down.

From homegrown to full blown commercial. That was a pie in the sky dream for me. I am happy where we are, and never going the route of legally licensed cannabis. Luckily its legal where I am to grow several plants, and I am fairly happy with that freedom.


This is to be our retirement. We really don’t want to start 100% over, at our age, that’s way more than we can do anymore. But we do have designs that are made to help provide for us. We want to set it up and get it running and hopefully our grandkids will get it and be able to take care of themselves even if the world goes to hell.

If this means we sell weed, then ok, we can do that.

Hey homey my dream is to be able to grow pounds for me and my wife and I’d love to be able to breed and make my own strains it’s a small dream but it’s hard to obtain due to I’m disabled and don’t get much money but I’ll keep trying


Howzit Mouse.
We are both disabled as well and on a fixed income. We saved for a year to get the tent and seeds. The lights were a gift from a friend that was upgrading his equipment. We both used to grow outside way back in the day, but we are new to indoor grows, but we are getting better each time.

You can do this Mouse. If we can, anyone can.


come on @mouse935, you have everything to start your own seeds. Would love to see you making your strains in the near future.

You can do this Mouse. If we can, anyone can. :heart_eyes: :mechanical_arm: :muscle: :ok_hand:


I hear u homie I buy one piece at a time also especially lights so expensive but I’m building towards my dream thanks really good to have u and ur wife here


Glad to have you and Mrs. Mouse here also!

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Some of the growers have purchased from AliBaba which come direct from the factory. Much cheaper. I forget who here did that. Hopefully they can post some links to complete systems at a cheap price.

What do you have so far @mouse935?

Well unfortunately I’m running an amazon special it’s supposed to be a 1000 watt but only puts out 450 I do have an hps light but it’s to much for my small tent and when I did run it briefly my electric bill went up drastically I’m trying to save up for a mars hydro ts 1000 I’d love to go bigger but it’s not in the cards right now

What size tent do you have? We have a 2x4 ft x 60" tall. I don’t have enough light yet so my lights are sitting much closer than I like, but necessary to get the right amount of mols.

I’m running the same tent and my light is super low right now also my last grow I got about 2 ounces dried I really need to step it up somehow to make it worth all the time and effort u know


I totally hear you man. We had a bad grow last time. It was our first indoor grow and we learned a lot. We got little from it, but it was potent as a gentle touch from your wife. Since then I discovered how badly this plant needs light and how to calculate just how far any given light should be above the plant. Already, this grow is looking far better than the last. I’m getting more lights in soon and I will upgrade my light board accordingly.

Have you seen the Utah U Professor teaching about cannabis and light? Wonderful vid and you learn to calculate your lights correctly using the formula he teaches. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.