Droopy plants

Any clues why I got so much droop?


Over watering. Do you let them dry in between feedings? Do you also water to run off? I can see there sitting in water. They need a certain amount of air. If your in soil of any sort you have to be careful not drown the roots. Soil is a problem when its over wet if its saturated roots can die. This is another reason i use promix-hp. It can be completely saturated with water but it will still contain 20% air. So its virtually impossible to over water. Let those plants dry a little and watch them bounce back.


Automated system feeds every 3 hours for 15 seconds. Feed to drain


Thats obviously to much water. Take away the middle 3rd feeding.


Also i dont see any draining. There in dishes but not draining. You need a flood tray. It has a slant and drain to move the water and nutrients away from the bottom of the pots. Or nutrients will build up and lock out in the root zone. Your grow will improve if you slow the water down. I water every 2 days in veg if plants are at 2 feet. If taller i give a lttle more water. You should also after they dry pick up the pots lightly and feel there weight. Then pick up a couple pots and feel the weight. This weight will help you feel if they need water. It takes a bit of practice but once you try what im talking about it will all work better for you.


@PreyBird1 is going to lose his shit over this one.

I water 12 plants, literally a dozen, with one gallon of water daily. Sometimes 2 gallons, so quantify that into whatever small amount it comes out to, that’s what I give my plants in 3 gallon bags with dirt.

I used to overwater, I used to underwater. This amount is working perfectly with our present weather here in Mesa.

If you have still water in those dishes, and your soil feels damp, maybe back off on the water.

As always, be sure to check your pH and have a safe holiday weekend.


I wont lose my shit because i actually water everyday also. But i water 5 plants in 3 gallon bags 2 gallons of nutrients/water. I find that smaller quantities every day works better than too much water.


Thank you everyone!!! Will update y’all!!!


Putting a plant riser underneath those plants to keep them out of the water will help immensely. If you want to water heavy like that start using rock wool. Right now my plants get watered three times a day and I making 15 gallons of nutrient solution every five or six days. 4 plants. and yes I agree that is a lot of nutrients. But they seem to be digging it no burn tips no deficiencies.


I feed a lot also but we both know what were doing or we wouldnt be doing it. I have to buy 2000G bottles of nutrient powder to stay up with what i go through. And my other liquid nutrients i like i get them in bulk 2 gallon jugs and i just keep my inventory full.


appears to never have answered that :frowning:

need a wet/dry cycle :slight_smile: constantly moist is not something the weed likes

pro-mix HP is almost hydro in soil-less

all the best