Drug testing, legalities and testing in the workplace

Workplace drug testing is in very much a grey area. Thought of opening a post and start a discussion about the legalities, possibilities and experiences. New Zealand will legislate to protect drug checking, where illicit drugs are tested for dangerous contaminants.

“There are a number of countries that have been doing it under various different formats for a lot of different years. In the US and in the UK … They all operate in a legal grey area, that they’re not explicitly illegal. In the Netherlands it is supported, but it’s not legislated to protect the people who do it or the clients. That’s the difference here, is that we now have legislation that facilitates it.” Source

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There is more than one way to look at drug testing. I understand there is a lot of trades out there where you could use a little bit of cannabis in it wouldn’t affect your productivity or safety one bit. But there is a lot of trades out there that involve machinery. The job I did for 30 years with random drug testing, you had no business being inebriated in anyway shape or fashion while running the equipment I did I was dealing with extremely high pressures and a piece of equipment that was hanging over the top of peoples heads all day long. I do believe that there is jobs out there that require a clear head for sure and there needs to be Random testing. I do believe the greater problem lies with alcohol. How many times have you heard someone they do their job or they work better when they are a little bit loaded. Take a minute and think about it. Would you feel better if someone said that before they repaired the brakes on your car?

Anyways, I agree there is a place for these type products because I do believe the drug testing is somewhat overdone for the most part. But I also believe that in many instances it is put in place for the protection of you and everyone around you.

When you’re on the freeway and traffic comes to a sudden stop do you want that truck driver behind you to be loaded or to be sober?

I just thought I’d throw a little different perspective out there for you guys to chew on. Hope y’all have a great day. :+1:t3:


Agreed @happilyretired . the problem with the random drug testing is that when I burn a joint tonight I pop positive tomorrow. Same old problem. So until they figure out how to see if your high right now, these products are great. I’m trying to think how many I passed. If I were to guess fifteen atleast. Sad that I had to do this but its part of The game I guess.