Dry trim or wet trim?

Do you prefer to trim your buds while they are wet? Or do you wait until your buds are completely dry to buck them down?

I like a good dry trim because I believe it preserves the taste. What do you think? How do you like to trim?


Dry trim for the win! Wet trim causes chlorophyll to leach onto the trichomes of wherever it was cut and thats not a good thing. Dry trim is WAY easier!! Let the buds dry to the point where the sugar leaves can be flicked off with your fingers and trimming is so much faster.


An initial wet trim to get the fan leaves and sugar leaves off, then a final trim dry.


I have been wet trimming for the last 2 years or so… I was doing a mix of wet and try trimming before and I always liked the buds from my wet trimming more than the dry trimming.
I have noticed that I need to adjust my style of trimming for whatever I’m trimming… some strains end up really nice if I get in real close and snip out nearly anything that’s leafy; other strains seem to be a bit better when I leave a bit more leaf hanging on.

I may need to try out dry trimming again :slight_smile:


@Growernick that’s a great question. I was a post harvest manager in Colorado and we experimented with both methods and several brands of trimming machines.

From my experience, it depends on how much material I’m working with, what types of buds (dense or a bit larfy), and what I need from the output side. When we needed primo eighths we would cure the buds and hand manicure dry. When doing pre-packaged ounces, we generally run that through a machine.

As a consumer, I do appreciate a well-trimmed bud. I think a few other comments mentioned dry trimming by pinching or flicking with fingers and I can back that up with my experience manicuring dry buds was more fingers than scissors.

Anyhow, just my $0.02 on trimming


I been dry trimming for quite some time. Never really got into wet trimming


I use a bowl trimmer and wet trim. I do not enjoy spending hours and hours hand trimming.


Me too, @vonweeden! Works great for me.


I have done many experiments dry and wet. And it makes NO difference in the quality. Wet trimming is so easy and fast. Dry trimming takes me three times longer and I lose a lot of trichs.
But it all depends on what you think and want to do.