Drying and Curing Issues

I just hung my Kush for a few days, dry trimmed it and put it in a Grove Bag. Humidity was 70% so I put it in a paper bag overnight and now the humidity is 52% ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I just screwed up the entire curing process. How do you get your bud dry without passing the curing window?

I put some Boveda packs in the Grove Bag but am I screwed for getting it cured?


52 isn’t too horrible The meters will have variation Just try to get the humidity back up that’s why I always use 5 gallon buckets I can open them lay it on their side and spread the buds out in there leave it open for an hour or two close it back up you don’t want to fill the buckets more than halfway up check the humidity a time or two until the next day and continue the process if needed if you’re using a paper bag you will need to check it regularly depending how much is in the bag the paper sucks moisture pretty quick I always trim mine a little moist and then put them back in the buckets let the moisture levels equalized back out to where I like them and then bag it


If it dried in a couple days to 70%, you really want to try to change up the drying area so you can get it to dry a lot slower 7 to 10 days or more would be ideal at 60/60 I can never get that I usually only get about five or six I can’t get the conditions don’t have a dedicated dry area just the tents I grew in


They were hanging for more like a week before I trimmed them. Then another day in the Grove bag, then another in the paper bag so about 9 days in total.


Ok so I would be better off drying to the 70% mark and then Grove Bag and just open it up daily and mix the buds?


Is that Kush still going to cure when I get the humidity back to proper level?


If in jars for a while does the rh rise. Id lose the boveda in the bags. I dont rhink it will help at all if u jave any fresh leaves from a plant drop some leaves in the jar and keave it close for 6 or so hrs to soak up some moisture from the fresh leaves.


The RH was rising slowly so I clipped a stem of buds from the Haze and threw it in the bag along with the Boveda. It’s up to 59.2% now


I found with quicker dry times that the flower RH can climb alot for a day or two after putting into a container to cure. Had some go in around below 58 for example, two days later it’s 62+ and auto burping to keep below 62. I also saw something similar with another grower who thought they had over dried and over approx 2 days the RH spiked to 64+. I think with the faster dry times the outsides are alot dryer then the inside of the nugs so it takes a little longer for the moisture to equalize. Above 64 in a Grove bag I would start to worry, I know they are meant to automatically keep the RH in range but I’ve seen a few people bag it to early and get mold. If there’s too much moisture the bags aren’t able to keep up


Ok yeah that’s why I paper bagged it but I should have folded it tightly instead of partially open


That’s a good idea!


When i dry without my curing machine. I dry at 30% Rh for 2-5 days then i squeeze them to see if there slightly crispy on the outside and then i use small cardboard boxes with parchment paper inside. This holds moisture better in a small area. But ive been growing forever and i can tell how there curing by touching them and eyeballing them.