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Drying & Curing - A Stable, Controllable Environment is Key!

Extreme swings in temperature or vapor pressure can negatively impact your final product. The key to effective drying and curing is driving the water out of the product gently, so not to damage the flower or lose critical key attributes during the first part of the cycle, and then to hold the product in a stable environment during the cure cycle. The SDI Dry Cure Solution employs Vaportrol ™ Technology combined with our proprietary fluid based unit cooler and sanitary fabric air ducts to create the optimal, controllable dry/cure environment.

We wanted to share some recent data showing our system versus a control room. This is real data recorded in a facility running the SDI Dry Cure solution versus a typical room side by side. Notice how RH%, Dew Point and Temperature are all shifting in the control room, while SDI holds the room conditions constant.

The SDI Dry Cure Solution holds stable conditions!


Drying and curing at a controlled rate in carefully controlled conditions is critical to preserving the integrity of your product.

Interested in putting a data logger in your existing room to see what’s really going on? Lets talk.


Agreed! A stable environment is absolutely necessary for finishing the product. Too many times we see dry and cure rooms that are nothing more than a room with an AC unit. Most don’t consider using a humidifier, as they believe that the plant matter is all you need…but keeping the correct temp and humidity is key to maximizing the cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Slow dry and cure is best, but to get best results, environmental controls are key.


Do you have a link to your study?
Thanks for the info!



Instead of thinking relative humidity… it is really about vapor pressure. Our solution controls dew point and temperature independently. Relative humidity is relative! Remember that you can have the same RH% at many different temperatures. The Vaportrol™ Technology in combination with our proprietary fluid based unit coolers can control the vapor pressure. We actually don’t use humdifiers/dehumidifiers!


Not yet, Mike. We just got this data in hand and wanted to share. More to come - stay tuned.