Drying flowers

Hey guys, this is my 1st grow and wondering when it comes time to dry the flowers everything says to keep the RH between 45-55%. However during the last few weeks of flower they say to lower the RH to 40%. So if I use my grow tent to then hang dry my flowers what would be the best way to increase the RH from 40% to 45%? I have a humidifier in there that i used for most of the grow but i was thinking it wouldnt b a good idea to run that with the flowers hanging there for mold/mildew reasons.

That’s an acceptable range for drying. Most say between 50-60% but it’s not worth trying to get the humidity up for a 10-20% more.
Have a fan circulating around the area, (not directly) and monitor how it dries. You can jar safely after the stems bend, with some force, but don’t snap. If they snap, they’re bit dry, but still salvageable.
Just burp the jars daily for a few weeks, and monitor RH inside the jar. Don’t let it go over 60ish percent. Boveda packs are great, at maintaining moisture content after the initial drying. These can be found in 52% or 62%, and absorb moisture, and add moisture when needed.


Ok thanks man

Hi @luda, welcome! I just want to let you know it is safe to run your humidifier in your tent while your drying as long as you monitor your humidity. I have an Inkbird RH gauge that kicks on if my humidity gets below 45%. But it wont raise it above 50%. You can always turn your humidifier on 4 a couple mins monitoring your RH. I keep a fan running at all times inside the tent blowing against a wall, not directly towards my flowers.
If I didnt add humidity to my tent it would get down in the 30% on some days, and I definitely dont want that.
@covertgrower nailed it on the whole process for ya. Boveda packs are awesome for the curing process!
Good luck with the dry and cure!!

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Ok cool because yeah i was wondering about running a humidifier with the bud hang drying. Ok so ill set my humidifier then at 50% RH. Thanks

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