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DWC + Autoflowers = Cheat codes

Hey everyone I’ll be doubling this as my introduction post because I’m new here! My normal stomping grounds are Reddit and the occasional google thread from I<3Marijuana but I just found out about this site and I’m excited to join!

I’m currently growing 2 autoflowers from Mephisto in a top fed bubbleponics in a 16g tote inside of my 3’ x 3’ AC infinity tent, 6” AC infinity exhaust fan, 4” vivosun inlet fan, SF4000, Levoit smart humidifier, 3x air circulators, 1 clip fan, 3x small dehumidifiers, 1/10 HP water chiller, and a portable AC unit set outside my tent because well… space

I’m using the GH Flora line of nutrients with Cal-Mag, Hydroguard, Pro-Silicate, Liquid Karma and KoolBloom with GH pH Up & Down

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or criticisms, I’m here for it all. Please comment below!

3/18/22 these lil guys sprouted 2 days earlier (Mango Sky on left, Samsquanch OG x FS on right)

3/23/22 Day 7

3/27/22 Day 11 slight nutrient deficiency but they’re growing!

4/4/22 Day 19 Yikes res temps way too warm and probably not enough oxygen

4/8/22 Day 23

4/13/22 Day 28

4/24/22 Day 39 Explosive growth! I topped each plant sometime between Day 28-39 but forgot to record it

4/28/22 Day 43 It’s getting thick in here. Before & after defoliation

4/30/22 Day 45

5/3/22 Day 48

5/4-5/5 Day 49-50 The triches are coming! Mango Sky seems to be a little bit behind Samsquanch OG x FS

5/7/22 Day 52 This tents getting full fast

5/11/22 Day 56 2 more weeks? (Just kidding)

5/13/22 Day 58 keep those triches coming baby, starting to fill out a little

5/15/22 Day 60 These gals are starting to get skunky. Spent 30min defoliating today and it still probably needs more…


Nice welcome to the forum! Make this your journal so we can follow along!